De Wain Valentine: An Affair with the Sea and the Sky

July 4 - 17, 2020
Viewing Room opens:

De Wain Valentine (b. 1936) has played a key role in the Light and Space movement that developed in California in the 1960s. From the early '60s Valentine used industrial plastics and resins to create translucent sculptures which, when using the existing materials of that period, capped production at around two feet in height. In 1966 he developed and patented an innovative new resin—still used by sculptors today to create semi-transparent work—known as the 'Valentine MasKast Resin’, allowing him to realize monumental translucent sculptures. Valentine is best known for his smokey tones and colored pieces, in which light and color engage the viewer and activate the surrounding spaces. Each De Wain Valentine sculpture is unique.